Monday, April 26, 2010

Long day at work

I like busy days at the office... I like when I feel plugged in, constantly doing something, constantly solving problems, moving around, analyzing situations, taking decisions, computing choises, etc. I never get bored and time flies so fast that I barely manage to realize when the day just went away.

I could say that I had a good day today... less time spent thinking and more time spent taking actions.

Right now I managed to take a small break and I'm typing these words here, sending them into the unknown, I don't know who will read this and it doesn't matter. The thought that I can write anything I want without caring about what others may say is great! It makes me feel FREE at last! Free to say whatever I want, to speak or write my mind out without concerning myself that I might hurt someone with my words or thoughts.

It's a new beginning!

Manipulation master - The devil within.

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