Monday, December 10, 2012

Crawling in dirt

Last post was 13 months ago, and the last one before that was 30 months ago. Interesting.
Seems like my brother is weakening and slowly giving in. It's OK! Although I haven't been posting much around here, I've reached surface many times in these passing months.

I can feel the anger growing and growing and with it my brother's power weakening and mine increasing. Soon, very soon, I'll be able to take full control over this human body.

It's not my fault, seriously it is not! It's just that this society we live in, isn't exactly fit for an angel! All the problems, all the mean things people do to you, all the backstabbing and mischievous actions taken against you, they all inflict deep and bleeding wounds on my brother's life force. But my time will come, because I know this world like the back of my hand, I know people exactly as they are, I can see evil in their soul just by looking in their eyes, they cannot fool me and I will not turn and walk away from any injustice or malice guided towards me.

I will make them rise thinking that they had their way with me again, and then push them into the pit of despair and they will regret everything, specially meeting me.

Now... what made me come back here? Well it seems like my foolish brother never really read what I've said in my last post and guess what? He is crawling in the same dirt, only deeper this time.

Achievements for the past 13 months? ZERO! Love life? Nonexistent! Although he is having a relationship and have been living together with the same girl for the past 4 years? 5? I've lost count. Professional life? Oh yes, this is a good one. He works for the same company, enduring all kind of shitty doings and for nothing!
Friends, social life, party? Ground level!

Health problems? Over the top! Looks? Decaying! Aged 20 years instead of 4!

But no worries, I'm here! And it looks like I'll be surfacing often in the next timeframe and if Angel Wings weren't good enough to fly through this thick poisonous air that we live in, I'm sure my Devil Wings will take us to the sky and beyond.

The Devil within.

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