Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wandering Dark Wings

Here I am now... wandering from world to world, from dimension to dimension, visiting different planets, some of them remained untouched by the claws of the fiery war between God's first creations, others are wrecked reminescences of what it used to be. After the last battle the balance of forces has been reestablished and at that moment I have relinquished my rank and became a wanderer.

And here I am now, suppressing my wings, hidding my armor and weapons under this shredded garment, searching for quiet places where I can enjoy the miracle of life. This new world I have just arrived in, is blooming with life in all forms and shapes. The air is peacefull here and I found a small retreated lake with blue water in the middle of a forest of big strong trees that seem to be around for ages. Perfect!

I have been resting my mind and soul under the shadow of this tree for the last several days. I thought that I have found peace, but someone is coming, it has a larger spiritual energy than most of the creatures I could sense near by since I have arrived here. It's coming from behind the trees that are on the other side of the lake. I'll just make myself unseen in the shadows and wait...

Sparkling white light is enveloping the area ... and here it comes .... What ? An Angel ? Judging on her looks and auras she is a member of the "White Angels Clan". She is dressed with a long white vaporous dress that gently touches her skin. She has long curly golden hair falling down on her shoulders and chest and radiating in the white crystal light emitted by her spiritual aura. The intensity of the light surrounding her has slowly faded revealing her sapphire wide eyes timidly scouting the lake and surroundings. I have not really seen many white angels females, but she is one of the most beautiful angels I have seen.

- to be continued

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