Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Bleeding Angel

Seems like all I do is waste time. I can't focus on anything, specially not on my work. It's like I'm just waiting for time pass, for this life to pass, forgot why is it that I am alive!

I am too damaged to go on like this! I can feel my will power weakening with each passing day. I have dreams, I have wishes, but they are all happening just inside my mind. I can't take action, it's like I'm stuck!

Wish I knew how to unstuck myself before I lose control. But it's like I'm waiting, I'm wanting to lose control and to give in to my darkside. To let the devil within me rise above and transform me into something I don't like but somehow I desire it.

I have lost my faith in this life, in this way of living, I cannot go on like this...

Bleeding Angel

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